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Multitasking - The most ignored myth

If you watch doctor Strange (multiverse), the Marvel studios movie you will see that this guy can travel into multiple universes at the same time he can be present into universe is doing to different things. I am sure that we as individuals really understand it as a fiction and do not believe that we are superheroes where we can perform what doctor Strange does. Why I say this is because lot of people believe that they are good at multitasking. Even I used to believe in multitasking until I realised truth behind it.

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Multitasking is a myth. Why I say so is because the human brain is wired in such a way that at any moment in life, you can concentrate on one particular thing only. Now it's relative when I say any moment. That moment could be a year long if you have some major objectives in your mind. For example you are preparing for your entrance examinations, its not that you can focus on your entrance examination at the same time you can start preparing for your marriage at the same time you also want to take part into IPL and prepare for the cricket so you have to concentrate on one major objective at that time to deliver the best.

Do you remember the simple science experience experiment which we studied in our secondary school? You give Full focus and concentration you get the results it's just like taking the lens out in the sun concentrating this sunrays over a paper and that focus can show you that the concentrated sunlight can produce enough heat to burn a paper.

Think about your corporate experience. Imagine you are travelling to office and your attending meeting on zoom or Google. Will you be able to really concentrate on what's going on in the meeting if you're stuck in traffic? No, because your concentration will be divided between two things. Certain moment would be there when you will to focus on what meeting guy is saying and some moments will be there when you have to fully focus on the traffic as, that is the moment when you are hearing something from the meeting but that will be just the hearing but you won't be listening. Meaning it will become certain noise for your ears and brain because you brain is fully focusing on the present situation and the present priority at that moment.

Imagine if the stuntman says that why I am doing this stunt I am multitasking because I am thinking about what do I need to cook tomorrow or what do I need to wear tomorrow or which movie I'm going to work tomorrow can that really happen the stunt can go wrong the life can be at the danger he can perform the stunt in the best way possible only if you fully focuses on the stunt at that very moment once it is finished you can think about 10 other things therefore I say multitasking is like dividing your mental time mapping your mental time to different tasks at hand but at that time you do only one with full concentration depending up on your objective and what result you want to achieve

Therefore, it's best that we accept that we can have multiple things done during a period of time but are brain will consciously or unconsciously divide its concentration and efficiency into a certain task at any single moment and it has to switch over to different task when you really wanted to.

It's better to plan our objectives and tasks in a such a way that we and our brain don't get confused between them and it does not have to switch frequently because switching is like loss of energy for the brain and that will eat up some time and that will give brain time to think in a little negative direction where you might start questioning your own initiative.

So, I believe, multi tasking isn't actually a truth. Please comment what you have to say about it.

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