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It Starts with a Spark

Before your professional journey, you would have dreamt of working for a good company, or starting a venture yourself, employing people etc. This far, it is wonderful. But, now is the time when this spark would transform to a fire. (Buy Spiritually professional on Amazon )

If you talk about your professional life, it starts with the day you step into your first employment. There you are taken aback by a huge surprise of the behavioural & cultural change. You see people become quite formal in their behaviour. They present themselves in a much better way than you would have thought about it being presented in the college time. They respect the time more than anything because they have a responsibility to deliver which is time bound and business depends upon your actions therefore it's a stark difference between your college life and the professional life.

Over the period, you start understanding the entire gambit of corporate culture, you start adopting the changes which you have observed so far. After you have made those changes in yourself you start looking at yourself as own enterprise in a way. You know the job or the task which you get from your boss you own it, you start delivering it, you start getting it done from people which leads you to the first level of leadership which is let's say the team lead or the assistant manager or the manager. This is the time when you start taking responsibility of others’ actions more than ever because you as a manager are responsible not only for the work which you must do as an individual but also for the work which your entire team must put together.

This is the time when you start understanding people problems now you do not have just your own problems your own perspectives and perceptions, but you talk to people your team members share their plight with you. You must help them out be more productive and to do that, you must counsel them, you must coach them so that they are able to deliver what they are really expected to do. Over the period when you counsel so many people when you tackle so many problems which are not just your own but your team members as well, you start learning people behaviour and how the organisational behaviour impacts the people on an individual level as well as at the level of your team. This is nothing but getting you polished to take up the larger roles.

When we say the larger roles, it is the extended leadership position where you start let's managing the entire account where you have probably multiple managers reporting to you therefore now you are responsible not only for your actions but your manager's actions and their team members actions as well. Because you own this part of the business, you must really work as an entrepreneur, you must keep a growth mindset and keep your team happy. You must evolve along with your team to be the sustainably best in the business and this is where your aspiration starts to grow in your career to get into even larger roles than what you ever thought about. And this is the time when you really start thinking about how I can add value to the system by virtue of me, my thought process and this is where your thought leadership is tested. If you can prove your thought leadership to people you will gain all the respect from the organisation and all the levels. this will help you mature and put yourself as a potential leader at the organisational level.

It all starts with a spark and transforming it into a fire which can positively infect others and spread to others is up to you. This is where you create a legacy for yourself by virtue of your actions which people would remember, and they look at you as a role model within the organisation. They look at you as a mentor, they look at you as a person who can advise them to come out of the trench which they are stuck into assuming that you have gained all that experience in your career while learning from your own mistakes as well as from learning from the mistakes which others have committed around you and this polished you as a thorough gentleman a thorough professional

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Always remember, what brought you here, won't take you there. It’s like a journey to the summit. Many begin, few reach the pinnacle. Are you ready to be the one?

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