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Decision - That magical moment !

You speak about magic, it sounds more like a fairy tale, magic has certain romance in it.

Talking about real life, when do you feel magic or that magical moment. If I have to define it, it would be sudden surge in your energy, sudden clarity of thought, sense of assurance.


We being humans are said to be species capable of making probably the best choices. But this is where the whole traumatic journey of decision begins. When you have to take a decision or help someone to take a decision, will be aptly clear in your mind that what that person should do. But, when it comes to you, your family, you then get in to a whirlpool of considerations or choices.This behaviour isn't random, but part of human nature as we are the emotional beings.

First category of people are who are too analytical first get stuck in to the various considerations, spending considerable time to analyse cause and effect possible situations with respect to financials, family, future possibility of growth, impact on our previous and next generations, impact on immediate social circle, acceptability of your decisions by the family and society etc. Whoof....the list is long and each of these considerations with suck your energy like a leech and you won't even realise.

Second kind are those, who will start adjusting their needs as per the choices available. Meaning, they would analyse the available choices more than the need to create an alternate unlike the first category people. In this case, people would do more of a benefit analysis for each choice and choose the one which calls for minimum hassle and is beneficial as well.

Now, it is difficult to make out which is the right way to choose or to decide what you need to do. Decision making situation normally is "None is wrong and both are right." You are normally short of choices, but at the time of decision making, most of the times you are overwhelmed with choices.

After going through the cycle of considering all considerations and impact on everything around, after analysis all available choices, after creating all possible alternates,

the moment you get struck by the thought, "yes this is it, its a bright feeling, when you feel all the stress of considerations have suddenly been offloaded and you get clarity of thought & vision, mind is free, sudden burst of happiness kind of feeling is the MAGICAL MOMENT - Decision made". This is real romance with life

You can easily make out that you are on right path, when you reach this MAGICAL Moment in your personal or professional life. The chances of you achieving your goal increase multi-fold with this moment as this moment, this decision has your buy in, commitment led by desire to succeed. I am sure we all have experienced it at some point of time. The biggest factor supporting your commitment is the accountability of your decision is much higher and you are prepared to live with the consequences in any case. So, you decide, you take accountability. Simple.

My take on how to make decisions,

1) Let the non-necessary things go off your list, this will take you 1-step closer to decision

2) Know your top priorities (Finance, family, friends, society, future etc.)

3) Know what matters to you most & don't compromise on impact of decision on this priority

4) Look for available choices & create an alternate if need be (vision helps here). Don't simply look for short term favourable choices for long term vision related decisions

5) While working on benefit analysis, look for the EUREKA moment, the Magical moment

Hoping you enjoyed reading and possibly connect with this short write up.

Happy Hunting for the MAGICAL MOMENT

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