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Worst-Case Scenario. Work it out.

One thing which no one in individual capacity likes to get in to is Worst Case Scenario. But it is a bit unavoidable. Some risks can’t be eliminated but can possibly be reduced to have minimum impact.

Life whether personal or professional is like a city road, full of twists & turns and nowadays speed breakers. To move forward you must go through difficulties. So, what’s new in this? This is what our elders whether at home or office have been saying. But, did they educate you to navigate through these difficulties? Sometimes, you might get an answer from them, wait for the time and decide. Yes, that’s a way, but the hard one. I have learnt a way to handle worst case scenario while working the hard way. I believe this works for me, and can work for you as well.

I know it is easy said than done, but a score of people when get in to trouble end up thinking only about the trouble or the problem and it is like a whirlpool they get stuck in to. They try to come out of it by praying, but succumb to it more than often. Do you agree? Have you been in to similar situation at some point of time? I am sure you did.

My way of handling the situation is to work out WORST CASE SCENARIO. It is more like running simulations on the situations. The situation is real, but the scenario is what you create to understand the impact and consequence of your actions in that situation. It is not complicated as it may sound to some.

Let us look at a real life situation, Being part of the corporate fraternity, having seen a couple of recessions there are lessons to learn for sure. Recently, during the job cut happening at management level, I have seen people going through series of painful moments. I myself had been in to it for some time. Even the thought of losing a job during your mid management years is stressful and rightly so, as most of the mid management employees have hefty EMIs to pay, growing kids going to school and various other financial responsibilities to take care of to ensure safe future for their family. This is the most indefinite period in a corporate employee’s life.

So, initially I was worried, but then I could see the impact of my worry carried over to my home and personal life. That was even worse as the whole family would feel the pain. One of the first guys who was asked to go out of organisation as the position no more exists, is my friend. A jovial, confident and highly energetic individual. I learnt from him that getting fired isn’t the last thing in life. I learnt “Getting Fired is to Get Fired UP”. I saw him starting a new business on his own, with great amount of zeal. That was the day I asked myself “WHAT’s my WORTH?” While introspecting, I ended up creating worst case scenario for me. What is I am fired?

  1. First thing I looked at is my financials. Can I survive? I analysed my NEED Vs. DESIRE and severance package etc. Will I be able to pull through my NEED more than anything? This relieved me of some stress.

  2. Secondly, I thought of what all I can do? Hunt for another job, start something on my own or start something till I find some other job. Trust me alternatives arise when you look at possibilities rather than problems. I understood my strength and that gave me confidence of sustenance

  3. The last thing I did was to tell me, if I am worth what I am doing and am adding value to my job, then the leaders will give it a thought before making an adverse decision for me as company would also be needing me. This helped me FOCUS on my PRESENT without being too worried about future.

Unfortunately, few people had to move out of the company but not everyone and I survived this cycle.

There are 2 types of people, those who are risk takers or movers and shakers and those who are stabilisers (those who analyses the situation so much that they themselves become sceptical of success sometimes). I realised this when I came across another situation, where I had to take a greater role a few years back. I hadn’t experienced the magnitude of responsibilities that were about to be put on to me and this opportunity came when it was least expected. Now, it was the time to make decision.

There was no pay increment, no promotion involved, but greater responsibilities. Stakes were high. I thought of the “WORST-CASE SCENARIO” and understood that in worst case, I might be pulled back in to my previous role where I probably had established myself well, but if I succumb to the risk of new opportunity, I might stagnate in my career.

So, I took it as an opportunity to prepare myself for the next level. While, I wasn’t too sure about my success in this role, I took it as a challenge assuming it as a risk, worked on the situations and trust me the pay back in terms of learning were huge. Today I think, if I had stayed comfortable in my couch, I wouldn’t have learnt as much.

"Working out on worst-case scenario has helped my decision making a little quicker and simpler as the fear of failure has substantially reduced and belief that there is always another way is not this one, is strengthened."

I can talk about many such occasions where I have personally been in to situation or my friends, colleagues have been in to tough situations, but working out a WORST-CASE SCENARIO and accepting it have helped FOCUS on the PRESENT and identify right course of action for future. Acceptance of present reality through Worst-case scenario has fuelled journey of many successful people who aren’t celebrities but the heroes next door.

Are your ready to fight in WORST-CASE SCENARIO? If not, get ready….GOOD LUCK

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