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Evolve to Succeed...

Success sounds the sweetest when heard of. Success stories are possibly the most motivating factor for any aspiring individual, professional or entrepreneur. You introspect and you find that deep inside your heart you want your story to be written as well, but for that you need to be really successful.

clicked on Bengaluru airport...

The basic question here is, was the journey of those people whom we hear of, was easy? Did success come knocking at their door? Or they had a plan in action and continuous course correction to reach where they are today? Sure they had a plan. I found this lovely quote on an advertisement board in Bengaluru Airport. This small quote speaks a world of work needed behind success. It doesn't come easy.

As, I wrote in my earlier blog "3C's of Success" are Conviction, Commitment and Completion of whatever you do or plan to do. Today, I am trying to put my thoughts on how can we evolve to succeed in every endeavour which we take up.

I would suggest 3 STEP approach,

1) Focus on OPPORTUNITY - Most of us, the common people are bogged down by the problems & issues around rather than focusing on opportunity. Now a days you see a ton of start ups and most of those are trying to find opportunity in problem and proposing solutions. Imagine, we look at them and then realise, wow what a basic idea but we know we couldn't do anything about it. Reason, we focused on problem not solution as an opportunity

2) VISION - Be a dreamer I say. Open up your imagination, and jot down what you want to achieve. Vision will help you prepare a blueprint of your own success. Remember, nothing can be sustain-ably built without the blueprint. Vision, helps you define your purpose, why are to beginning to do what you intend to do. This helps you gain confidence and conviction to your dream. It helps plan and build strategy for your own journey towards goals achievement.

Once you have this vision and you have conviction & commitment to go for your own dreams, trust me you will see solutions falling in to place.

3) STRATEGY - There is no fight won till date, no match won till date without a strategy, without a plan. It is said, "Planning is inevitable even though plans fail". You must plan for short term and long term goals and when you have these, you will find ways to move forward. Plans give you a point to start and Goals give you a trigger to succeed. While executing your plan of action you will need to correct your course multiple number of times. So, do it. Do not hesitate or wait endlessly for your initial strategy to give you results. If, its not working, rework and move forward.

During this journey, there will be multiple waves of anxiety due to fear of unknown. But, stay strong and move on. The only way to handle the journey is to enjoy it.

Once you embark on this journey to achieve your goals, you must INVOLVE yourself fully in to it to. All the set backs, small failures where you are involved will give you opportunity to LEARN. Losing a battle is not losing the war. IMPROVISE based on your learning.

No road to success is so straight to put yourself in cruise mode. ENJOY, the twists on the way. Eventually you will realise that through the whole process you have starting maturing and EVOLVING and you can see the results coming, you will be able to see, the short term goals getting achieved and the foundation to long term goals becoming stronger.

At the end of day, you find yourself SELF-MOTIVATED rather than someone else motivating you.

EVOLVE TO SUCCEED.... It's a process and no magic mantra

I hope you enjoyed reading this and probably draw some value out of it.


Rohit Chopra

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