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How Sport are you?

We remember our schooldays as the most exciting and fulfilling time ever. Every parent wishes the best for their child and perhaps it is in those growing up years that the germinating seeds of adulthood are sown. This body and to a little extent of our persona, is a gift from our parents.

The genes do carry the traits required for survival and is best explained by Charles Darwin's theory: "The survival of the fittest". And there is nature and environment that shapes us growing into adulthood.

Meeting some of my friends who were in my high school teen life after a gap of 23 years, made me realize that there is distinct correlation between our current profession with that of our talents and traits exhibited in our growing years. What becomes obvious is that the traits magnify over time and manifest into adulthood.

Take for example, a child who used to excel in drama and art, finds his way to become a creative director and the case of child who used to exhibit fine cricketing talent, goes on to being a cricketer. A kid who used to pick up fights, becomes an entrepreneur in his adult life or the case of a kid who used to like biology classes and dissection goes onto becoming a doctor.

There is a distinct chance that when we identify a certain trait and nurture it, it grows leaps and bounds.

A large part of the influence in growing a talent comes from parents who encourage their children to follow their passion. When this happens, children find confidence and faith in their abilities. At times, parents do not see the potential in their ward and when a child fails they offer quick solutions to distract and do not allow them to come to terms with dealing failures.

"Defeat is not the end and victory is not the final" is the mantra that a true parent teaches his or her kid.

Likewise, when we enter our work-life, it is a must that we take setbacks on our chin and focus on our strengths. A person has immense talent in his closet, it is time to take that out, water that seed to germinate and find itself to fruition.

In times of our defeat, it is best to remember our schooldays when we were not afraid of our failures, played fearlessly and to our strengths. There was this hunger to come back and win it for ourselves.

No sportsman became a great without his fair share of failures. Eventually, life is all about coming back and making a go for it, so chin-up, shall we!

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