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What's your WORTH?

It is bad situation in IT, Telecom sector, people are getting chucked off. Though I am an optimist, today, I am deeply anguished to question myself, WHAT'S YOUR WORTH?

Having spent 15 years in the corporate world, fulfilling my basic needs, a few dreams and with time developing a few aspirations, I never questioned myself. But today, when the time is tough and there are a ton of concerns being shared with you from all your friends, looking at people getting fired and most of all watching some of the best and most competent people worried, is what makes me throw this question, What's your WORTH?

There is a nice story I heard a few days back which talks about a father helping him understand his worth. This young guy wants to understand what is his worth.

On 1st day, father gives him a stone and asks him to go to vegetable market and sell the stone. If a buyer comes, don't speak but show 2 fingers. So, the son does it the same evening. While he is in the market, there comes a lady and says, this is a nice looking stone, I will use it to decorate pot in my garden. She asks, how much is it for? Son, shows 2 fingers and the lady gives $2 dollars and goes. Son, tells it to the father.

2nd day, father asks his son to take the similar stone to a museum and repeat the same selling exercise while showing 2 fingers. Son, is able to sell it for $200 dollars. Happily he runs back to home and tells the incident to his father.

On the 3rd day, father asks his son to take the stone to a precious stone store. Son, goes to the store. Store owner likes the stone and says, this looks really precious, how much it is for? Son shows 2 fingers and the store owner buys the stone for $2000 dollars. The son couldn't control his excitement and rushes back to home to speak to his father.

That is when the father explains, your worth is according to how you look at your skills, how you position yourself and where you sell yourself.

I strongly connect with this story and believe that this holds good not only in story but in real life as well. Sometimes, we are in a position where we become complacent and don't want to try ourselves in a tougher environment, where if we survive our worth will be multi fold. As we lose or don't have the risk appetite, we are unable to ascertain our true worth.

What STOPS you? Mindset which is full of "Fear of Failure". Imagine, if an eagle keeps thinking that it may fall of the cliff if it tries and doesn't take the first flight, would it ever be able to fly sky high?

In bad times, you've got to question yourself, what is it that you want your worth to be? What is your purpose of life? What is stopping you from moving towards achieving your own purpose or dreams? What challenges & risks you might need to take? Once you answer these few questions, I am sure you will find alternates and move forward, without looking back regretfully. It is in the worst times that the people become most disciplined, most aware, most active and most generous. And once you have these qualities, you are the man who will be unshakeable. So, WHAT STOPS YOU? Answer yourself...

However, in tough times like where various industries are firing people left ,right & centre, for sure going to help at least 10% of the people their max potential which in turn help them realise their true worth. 80% of the people would end up in some other job, with some compromises with position or salary or location etc. 10% people would surely would experiment with their dreams & might succeed or fail. But, they are never the losers.

If you you don't fool your mind, your mind will keep fooling you. If you don't come out of your own cocoon, you will not become a butterfly.

Start the journey of TRANSFORMATION today not tomorrow.

The Mantra to achieve your true self is "STAY STRONG & MOVE ON"

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