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3 C's of SUCCESS

3 C’s of Corporate Success

Everyone, needs a formula to succeed in this corporate world. And, rightly so, there is such great cut throat competition. You can never reach the peak if you don’t have that magic formula.

So, here I share with you the only formula to sustainable success. Trust me, if you have any other formula, it won’t be sustainable. Why, am I focusing on sustainability? Ah, needless to stay, no one likes to fall from top.

Let’s talk about 3 C formula,


  • CONVICTION: This is the first key ingredient of success. Conviction simply means your buy in to do what you are doing or what you are about to do. If you aren’t convinced, you don’t feel connected or passionate about the task or project you are going to take up in your life, how can you give your 100% to it? You take out conviction from the formula and the success collapses. Without conviction, you can’t visualize the outcome of the task or step you have taken in life, and without visualisation, you can’t be confident of achieving what you intend to. Conviction gives you confidence.

If you would have observed the most beloved leader in your organisation, they put more focus on convincing people as people are the centre of all success. They desire conviction from the people who will help the leaders realise their dream. If you haven’t heard of Martin Luther King’s speech “I HAVE A DREAM”, then you must. This speech shows, the conviction of King followed by people.

  • COMMITMENT: The second most important component of success is 100% commitment to what you have started. Without commitment, the inner drive to tackle the problems won’t be there and one would tend to drop the ball midway. Once, that happens there is no self-motivation to move forward which ultimately leads to no result and loss of confidence. Here, the value is of the promise. In every meeting, you can find at least that one person, who will commit on something which boss wants (no conviction but commitment) and if you observe there won’t be logical completion to the commitment made. This is the most dangerous situation one should avoid to be in. Whether the people with whom you deal, can rely on you or not, depends upon you up-keeping the commitment. Commitment is about to what you agreed to.

If you have watched BAHUBALI the you know that “Commitment is what Kattapa did to state of Maheshmati

  • COMPLETION: Now, I believe this is one of the toughest things for people to follow. When you start a new task, project or any venture, your energy, conviction and commitment is at peak. You can visualise the results and get motivation from that. This is a good sign as you have two components of success already taken care of.

But, neither life is never going to give you an easy path nor your boss will. There will me tons of situations when you would feel you are short of resources, you shouldn’t have taken this task in hand, it is going to frustrate you. There will be stressful and painful moments during the course of completion. This is the make or break time. Either, you leave it or you tell yourself, come whatever may, I am going to complete what I started. When this situation becomes question of your credibility & self-esteem, you will need to push yourself with +POWER to accomplish the task in hand.

Trust me, the satisfaction of COMPLETION is the best thing you can experience in life. You know, now people can trust you, you know you are capable of much more and can expand your limits further. You know, you have added to your .

To summarise, these people are the most respected people in any organisation who are able to have a vision convincingly, who are able to get commitment from self & their own people and then leave no stone unturned to achieve, to accomplish what was dreamt of. Friends, remember this 3 C formula. Paste it on your desk & follow it. TRUST me, nothing can stop you from being respectfully successful.

Wishing all readers GREAT SUCCESS in Life!!!


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