Pain Killer !!???!! Can you give it?

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Let me start with a question here.


I switch ON the TV or I login to Facebook or twitter, and most trending stuff will be all around the pain. Accident, murder, rape, molestation, teacher beating kids like worse than animals and what not. Last week had such incidents, murder of an innocent 7 yr old kid, rape with a 5 yr old girl, Ram Rahim case and what not. Can you TRUST anyone or any place for your near and dear ones in this whole world? Difficult to answer.

You wake up with a happy mood, normally end up picking up your phone and scrolling through the social media and end up spoiling your mood by watching such incidents or mishaps. I am not able to decide whether I am fortunate to know what all can happen around you and become cautious or unfortunate that there is so much PAIN already around you and you watch such pics or videos and post an angry emoticon to show your support, anger or protest. That's it !!

Truly, I am clueless, what should I do in such situations. It kept on happening with me. I am sure it happens more than often with you as well. What do you do? It is a more relevant question to ask yourself, as no one else has an answer to this.

I have probably found an escape from this problem if not the solution. We keep hearing, IGNORANCE is BLISS, I end up believing in it strongly, but with a little twist. I say "AVOIDANCE IS BLISS". In any case, we remember these social issues only till the time media is hampering on it, once it is off news, we forget it. And at times, so many issues happen that media is confused what is going to earn them TRP, so whatever they project, we start engaging with that issue.\

As humans, our biggest strength is the power to think, power to analyse and power to CHOOSE. We aren't Super humans, so, at times we as individuals, as normal humans must choose even on the content, what we like to see, read or go through. I know, there is a lot of curiosity in every individual and every time we tend to get in to more details of such incidents and can't avoid. We Indians are very emotional people, but, if you can't influence something, then tell yourself to try not to get emotionally connected to that incidence. It is difficult but with perseverance it is doable.

Even, if you want to focus on painful incidents around you, try to spread a word to educate people around these issues and what people can do to avoid them or if they get in to trouble how can they possibly tackle them. You can't bring back the time that has passed, but possibly help someone to handle these kind of situations in future. You can spread important numbers, which people can call during distress. Spread important information related to good and healthy lifestyle, motivate people to help underprivileged kids to get good education etc.

All I am saying is focus more on positive things happening in society, lets say Clean India, Rally for Rivers, regarding education etc. Try to support these causes and spread the word so that you can be a part of societal development.

Again, I want to admit that I am too small to understand someone's pain, how I wish I could help such people. Let us together try to increase SOCIETAL STRENGTH to tackle the pain which is spreading fast all around us.

The principle is simple,

"Build immunity to avoid pain and give pain killer to reduce pain"

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