Ball Flight (Taking the course learning inside the corporate world)

Learning the game of golf and playing a round makes us learn and demonstrate a few important things in life be it etiquette, integrity, spirit and sportsmanship.

Golf and business have a strong connection. Let us face it we all make mistakes and we learn from it. Every golfer — men and women alike go through adversities in a round of golf. How we overcome this adversity is what makes us better. In business and professional careers, when we mess-up a task is not necessary that we follow it up with a series of disasters. We learn from our mistakes and challenge ourselves to correct and make things better than ever before.

Your mindset when it comes to learning and improve in this game is arguably the most important aspect. If you cannot be honest with yourself about the cause of the results you are achieving and cannot take failures as opportunities to learn, then this game will frustrate you almost beyond comprehension. This game has a lot of mechanics that will need to work in sync to produce that perfect result be it a straight drive off the tee or the approach short into the green that sets you up for a birdie chance.

The best golfers in the world are the best problem-solvers, mainly because they don’t take their talent for granted. When something isn’t working, they work to figure out why. It can be said about anybody who has worked themselves into the best in their profession.

The handicap system evolution has made this game equitable where very golfer can play a round with anybody else who has a handicap index.

Any body can beat anybody in any given hole. Every golfer — amateurs and professionals alike have their moments of exhilaration that they have experienced. The professionals understand this better and are able to produce these moments more consistently. For me, the first experience I had making the right club contact with the little stationary ball to get that perfect ball flight is something beyond words. Moments like these in a round of golf makes us coming back to playing this great game.

Golf and business professions are mind games and we will need to have the positive attitude, confidence and belief in ourselves that we will succeed

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