Management Physics

Physics is the most logical thing known to man! What if our Management Principles were inspired by the Principles of Physics? Our understanding of Physics has fueled growth of many industries for years, however does not find use in managing these very industries. What if..??

Today I take two examples to demonstrate, why our Management Principles are not as logical as they should be? and How we can adapt by learning from the Laws of Nature itself.

Right Speed is not Enough, Right Direction is Important!

If one were to travel at the speed of light in wrong direction, what are the chances of him/her reaching the destination? Well we have many a corporations running their show the same way, the entire workforce is sent into an overdrive without contemplating if the course is set in the right direction? What if we spend that extra minute, to set the course right, what if...??

Principle of Resultant Vector!

When you are your own nemesis! A company in which the employees, leadership and the organisational objectives are not aligned result in a "Zero" Resultant Vector, the outcome of all the effort, funding and planning result in nothing, policies are reviewed and new policies are formed but result still the same, a big fat "Zero". What if leaders start investing a little more time beyond Strategy creation, to ensure that the strategy has been percolated to the last man in the organisation, If leaders do not rush into execution mode,If leaders ensured the organisation is aligned and working in One direction.What if..??

What if..?? Physics and Management combined to become Management Physics, which led to policies/strategy framing based on pure logic and not to soothe anybody's ego or personal ambition and only focused of the betterment of the Organisation we served,What if..??

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