Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Really?

You all might have heard these words from childhood and now as grown up also. You always feel your home and office should be neat & clean. Can you think how to keep surroundings and educate poor about cleanliness. Do we really believe cleanliness is next to Godliness?

We always appreciate developed countries but never thought how do they maintain such vast areas.

First responsibility is of a citizen. Imagine if each one of you takes responsibility of just yourself, and don't litter even a wrapper here or there, the problem is actually solved. Japanese people smoke a lot, but do you know, even if they are out in some other country they carry their own ash trays. Isn't it thoughtful and amazing? So just think about how you can take care of just your own duty, rest assured, we will have a clean country

As a educated Indian if we pledge to spread the meaning of neatness & cleanliness among youngsters (who learn always faster) by various options such as : once in a month - lecture in apartment complex, in a school with small kids, in discussion with neighbourhood group, I think we can get fruits in longer run.

I visited Europe and saw that kids having chocolates kept the wrappers in pocket and searched for dustbin which was 70 meters away, went up to the bin to empty out wrappers in the bin. I was impressed as this has been taught to kids. How do you expect when they grow, they will not continue to do so.

My daughter in Engineering college kept picking papers thrown by any student and putting in dustbin. It was a joke initially and after a month everybody started using bins, if not, then this girl will come and lift the waste and throw in dustbin. Thereafter college was neat & clean all the times. She was rewarded by Principal for this small effort.

Lets start this everywhere in city, drop drop fills the pot..............Good day

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