GOT FIRED? I say “GET FIRED up...”

What many people specially at entry or mid management level say is, corporate job has given me everything but, my creativity is lost somewhere, I have become a machine, routine is boring, same .xls& .ppt life every day. You ask them are you really satisfied. You know the answer!!!

Now this is still not a bad situation to be in as far as you are able to satisfy yourself with a nice and recurring package of salary. The day company gets in to turmoil due to various market conditions, you start getting in to a different mode. Once the firing starts, all dreams shatter in one shot. Sometimes you would feel, if you survive this recession life is good. But, the reality is, if you survive you are sucked and if you are fired you are “you know what”.

Carrying the thought a little forward, recession in the IT or ITES world has become synonymous to cost cutting as it is the shortest way and straight forward way to achieve short term company goals. We also must acknowledge that in this process of recession, cost cutting etc., along with the low performers, we end up losing some of the best possible human resources. This is probably the risk which company evaluates, accepts and takes as there may not be other viable options in the short term. Company will pay you as long as you are making money for the company. It is directly proportional to the company’s business, nothing personal.

Preaching is always easier than practice. But I had to share my thoughts today.

But, let us look at it from an employee perspective. It is dream shattering, many employees have heavy mortgages and paying EMIs to the banks, the lifestyle is according to the pay which they are getting etc. Even though the company might pay certain compensation, but surely it isn’t the best situation to be in mentally. However, there is a flip side to it. Many might take it up as an opportunity to jump in to other company (if in case market is open).

A different perspective

But, there is a separate breed of people who start self-exploration during this time. They might use this as an opportunity for various things. I even know some people who took the recession time as an opportunity to spend a lovely holiday and visit their dream places as after they come back, they get in to something. This is a breed of people which believes in “If you can’t change a situation, why worry? If you can change the situation, why worry? “They have a simple outlook towards life and live in present. Many might take a short break to rejuvenate them if not a long holiday. But this is becoming a trend.

Now there is another breed of people who take this opportunity to have a FORWARD looking OUTLOOK. These are the ones who think more about “WHAT THEY CAN DO rather than WHAT THEY COULD HAVE DONE”. These are the people who break the routine, who break their boundaries, who break the corporate stereotype and venture out in to different domains of their professional life and become an icon a tycoon. You search internet and it is full of such inspiring characters like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison, Steve Jobs and many more.

STEVE JOBS, who doesn’t know his story? Fired from APPLE, started PIXAR and came back APPLE to take it to new heights.

OPRAH WINFREY, who is more like a family member rather than a host, was fired in her initial jobs, a producer at Baltimore's WJZ-TV told Winfrey, then an evening news reporter, that she was "unfit for television news."

JK ROWLING, she is the one who invented Harry Potter was once a secretary – until she lost her job for writing fiction on the company time. She used to spend lot of time thinking about story ideas and on fiction.

WALT DISNEY was fired as a cartoonist for the Kansas City Star newspaper because he "lacked imagination and had no good ideas

So, in short all I am trying to say is, it is definitely not fine to get fired. But, as an individual it depends on your perspective as to how you take on the future. Only your “FORWARD LOOKING ATTITUDE & OUTLOOK can help you rather than thinking WHAT WENT WRONG”, as there will never be an answer to WHAT WENT WRONG? Therefore, instead of thinking of history, bear a fighter’s mind and hunt for the right opportunity which is waiting for you. I know you have a brighter future in various aspects of life, it may be more materialistic or more work life balance or better bonding within your family, but you can make it positive in all aspects.

So, you thought you “GOT FIRED”. Well I say, GET FIRED up with opportunity which might be lying for you.

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