Coping with Change

Coping with Change

Change is the necessity of life and without it, evolution could not have happened and the same applies to work place as well.We have all heard of organizations that have existed in the market for a longtime and then vanished due to their inability or inflexibility to adapt to the times of change.The same holds true for our professional front as well.

Change can happen due to a shift in customer preference and the underlying macro-economic issues prevalent at the time of shift.This has many ramifications to organizations and in turn to the employees of the organization.Typically organizations have their strategy worked out for many years in advance and at times, do adopt tactical measures to save themselves from an ongoing onslaught with a competitor or several of them.

Take the case of telecom industry, which slowly moved from being a monopolistic market to an oligopolistic market.With the advent of powerful processors, higher memory in decreasing chip sizes and falling prices , the competition indeed increased with each vendor trying to get the bigger chunk of the pie from the market by undercutting each other.The situation worsened with burgeoning slew of debts that each operator accumulated with passing years on spectrum and operating expenses.Coupled with greed from marketing managers to increase sales offering lower tariffs and pocketing high bonuses in short term.Added to the injury ,governments did not foresee to protect average investor from investing in the telcos and burning a hole in their pocket.The telecom bubble burst and companies are now back to their drawing rooms charting the basics and getting their fundamentals right.What this meant is the consolidation of operators, vendors and suppliers.Also in larger terms, it is a slew of lay offs ,redundancies and pay cuts.

No company is isolated when it comes to onslaught of market forces.I remember about a decade ago when I as an employee had to face a challenge due to an ongoing change in the company I was working in.I had just joined newly into a company and 6 months into the job, the 60 member team in which I was part of was just reduced to team of less than 10, many of of my experienced colleagues who were well aware of technology and processes left.I had to learn from scratch few things that I had done never before, it was humbling experience and a fresh start ,one that was rewarding professionally.In times of change few things that clearly required from me was patience to ambiguity, good networking and do things step by step.It is overwhelming especially when we are faced with a such a situation, keeping a good communication line with your colleagues and working towards the goal of the organization becomes paramount.The journey looks painful when we start afresh and looking back later on the journey will definitely help as the precious lessons learnt during the struggle would become handy in the future.

Every organization has teams playing red and blue , it is unfortunate that at sometimes even the best can not be part of the team.It is crucial to not lose self confidence and work out on the shortcomings.They can range from whether one was political or apolitical , or did one have the right skills, the right networking or it was time to move on.

Whatever be the case, change affects even the greatest.Steve jobs of Apple was fired from his own company who went on to create the greatest animation studio PIXAR and return to the helm and lead the affairs of APPLE again.He learnt many things and inspired a new generation of film making, bringing life changing products to humanity.It seems like a fairy tale, but who doesn’t want to dream it?

Change brings innovation, transforms us and makes us strong and better than we were before.Lets embrace the change, Shall we! Here is cheers for a new YOU!

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