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Let Life be play ground for adults, but for kids a play ground is life.....

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With great humbleness, I am writing this REQUEST for your CONSIDERATION. I hope you will take out 5 minutes and read through with an open perspective.

I am writing this letter with my experience (probably stands true for many parents who feel the same).

I believe you very well understand child psychology and understand what as child would feel when he is deprived of one of the most important basic of school life that is sports. They go to school 5 days a week and attend 40 periods and they have 2 games periods in total and even if 1 period is taken off, its half of what is planned for them. This to me shows incapability of school to handle kids (may be I am angry, but this sounds true to me)

It pains me as a father and as an individual having gone through the school life, to hear from kids that their games period was cancelled because their class is naughty or some of them were screaming.

Now, I fully understand, agree and acknowledge that there is immense pressure on teachers to maintain discipline and decorum. I hear about teacher’s experiences from my wife who is a teacher as well. But, the mischief and naughtiness of young kids is an outcome of their curiosity. Now, it is up to us elders, whether we treat this curiosity with “Fear of Consequence” or “Motivation of reward”. It is difficult; I am also trying to practice this, but surely motivation works better.

As the kids are young, they need enough school life balance. They love going to school, meet friends, participate in competitions and learn ample things daily. I strongly believe SPORTS are an integral part of their learning. They learn greatness of TEAM, camaraderie, discipline of game, how to be bound to rules etc. Though I do spend time with my kids and take them for sports coaching outside school, but that can't compensate fully for the time they get to play in school and learn a plethora of things and draw inspiration from others and their SPORTS MASTER specially.

Ironically, today I saw a lovely article which said, “Sports is a great teacher”. But, when I hear from kids, that Games was cancelled, or they were just given a ball to go and play (no guidance) or they are just asked go out and play in mud or with articles, I feel a disappointed. There could be various reasons due to which this might happen at times, I don’t wish to speculate. But, I humbly URGE everyone to please look in to this matter seriously and make BEST use of those 2, 3 games periods to help kids develop holistically.

If those who are reading this and feel this is relevant for them as well, then DO SHARE THIS & let the thoughts provoke. May be some can go to the school teacher or Principal and talk it out and make a small difference.

Let Life be play ground for adults, but for kids a real play ground is life.....

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