Hate your job?

There is a time in our career when we feel stuck.You have been long doing a job that you seem to either hate it or have become bored about.In most cases it is a Deja-Vu moment in one’s life that they faced a similar situation either within their career or have been familiar with the situation like suppose your father or your sibling or your friend.

Now coming to how one feels being stuck? Is it something that occurred on a certain day or seems to keep knocking on your mind whenever you feel down thinking about something? We all have our lenses through which we see our world and the important part is the perspective we have about ourself more than the outside world.

There may be several reasons as to why a job might be interesting for one.May be the boss is good, the nearness of the workplace to the place you live, the sports or the gym that the company offers, the intellectual stimulation that your work offers, the colleagues and staff at your work place are a great help, the growth opportunities that the job offers in other verticals part from the one being offered, the perks ,the corner office, the working hours, the cafetaria, and so on.The list is endless and we have a tough choice to make and further classify a job as being interesting.

Am fascinated seeing a child which is playing with a toy that is broken and it can’t make do much about it.It fiddles with the toy and moves on to another activity when it has it tried all its tricks.One thing is for sure ,the child never regrets about it’s situation or gets bogged down.All it does is to move simply onto the next thing it likes doing and it never stops.I happened to notice that children have tremendous energy and it is the unending curiosity that keeps them going and best explains why they don’t get bored of something.

Taking cue here, I have learnt that one can come out of his or her boredom by reinventing himself or herself completely and change the perspective through which they see themselves.Perhaps the answers to our misery of being stuck is deep in our hearts and we know what is keeping us stuck.Many a times there is so called feedback that comes gently to us and we forget/fail to decipher it.It is from our peers, superiors and mostly from our life partner.Many of the office colleagues would offer frank advice and direction only when we seek and mean it.They know that one is capable of maintaining the relationship even if they had to tell the hard truth.

I figured out what would keep me ticking.Many of us struggle with our jobs one time or the other and the trick is how to surround ourself with that “Aha” activity which will keep us alive and kicking.Sometimes the answers to problems are received in the strangest of places.Take a journey like a hitchhiking or bike ride or play a sport with close group of friends or with someone whom you are comfortable with.Do things like in a group.When you reflect on yourself like : What were the initiatives that you took to make someone happy? How was your interaction with the persons whom you had never met before? How did you go about solving an issue that came your way? How to did you reach out to the others who had different opinion about? How did you behave ? When you analyze these in retrospect a learning emerges that will make you strong and have the courage to mend if something did not go as you planned.When you screwup always bring it up and learn to disagree without being disagreeable.Most of our problems disappear when we communicate the right way.

I love this quote from the movie Jerry Maguire which sums up whatever be the case enjoy your life apart from your work and don’t take life too seriously:

Hey, I don't have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I've failed as much as I've succeeded. But I love my wife. I love my life. And I wish you, my kind of successes.”

We have a shelf life of may be 80 years and if lucky, may be another 20 years :) .It is not worth to worry being stuck in a job alone ,may be there is another one waiting for just like the child in you and ready to explore.

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