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Well, it is a researched fact that human brain never rests. It keeps on thinking. The train of thoughts is unstoppable beyond doubt. Even when you sleep your brain is working. Sometimes, I end up doing my work related calculations while I am sleeping, sometimes, while sleeping in a subconscious state I realise, I missed out something important in today’s work, I must complete it and I get up, complete it and give my mind a chance to think something else.

If you leave your mind free to think whatever it wants, and then starts the train of thoughts. It may start with some movie, for some people with sports hero; few may end up thinking about their favourite teacher or actress or food or some futuristic plans and what not. In fact you would realise your own thoughts talking to each other and your conscious becoming kind of a spectator. Try it out sometime. Before sleeping or in a calm corner just keep quiet and let your mind loose and experience the high action drama going on in your brain.

I am sure it may start on a good note randomly, but before you realise the slurry of negative or not so good thoughts may start polluting mind. So, is there a solution to it?

I am no different, it happens with me almost all the time. I end up feeling, “man I have a very poor concentration”. But, I also realise this is not so bad thing to happen. It sometimes gives you the spark you are looking for, a thought which makes you feel energised, strong, positive. So, today morning when I started for office, I looked at a bus broken down and people pushing it to get it started and this Idea of +POWER struck my mind.

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Now, what is +POWER. In simple words, I believe it is that little extra PUSH. The little PUSH beyond what you think is your limit, beyond the inflection point between Success & Failure, beyond that very point when you get the thought of “Naaaa, this won’t happen, I may not be able to do it, I can’t do it or anything with a negation”. This is the time when this very little extra PUSH helps you cross your limit and set a new benchmark for yourself. At the end of the day you are your own biggest competitor.

As, I started by quoting I saw a bus being pushed and this thought of +POWER clicked my mind. I ended up drawing an analogy between real life and the bus. Do you remember seeing a bus or a fancy car broken down in middle of the road? Does, this mean the bus is incapable of carrying the passengers which it was carrying or the fancy car is incapable of racing on the streets? Well, I don’t believe so. The bus has the same working engine which is off due whatever reason, may be the battery is drained out. All it needs is a little PUSH & the bus starts, gains it momentum back.

Same way, in our life also we are put to test in various situations, we feel great handling a few situations well, and feel broken when we are not able to handle some situations. Talking about professional life, we many times end up landing in to a monotonous routine. Same people, same kind of work, same meetings over and over again. This drains up our mental energy (specially the positive part of it) and we get sucked in to the organisation grape wine, gossiping. In plain & simple words, we end up WASTING TIME.

However, if you think through the happenings around you in last 1 or 2 or 3 months, you will surely realise that there had been opportunities, and you were capable of taking up those opportunities or new projects or something new to keep the spark alive in you. Probably, you were not sure about doing it or being successful and took it little casually. You will also be able to reflect back times when you took these kind off opportunities in past and were successful.

This is not just a thought or theory. I have experienced it multiple times. In my last 15 years of career, whenever I have got an opportunity, even though I wasn’t sure about making a success out of that opportunity, I asked myself, what worst could happen? You will know the answer, when you think if that worst doesn’t happen, what best can happen and that POSITIVITY gives you the little extra PUSH to venture in to an unknown territory.

I have been going around motorcycle in entire south India, knowing the risks, challenges and fear of unknown. Situations arose, when I got scared of them, but asked myself, what worse can happen, do I move forward or get stuck. Do I keep worrying about the problem or find a solution? Believe me friends; the solution has always been there. It’s just a matter of looking for it (like you and I look for socks or handkerchief in the morning)

The only difference would have been a push, either by your own POSITIVITY & ATTITUDE to take the risk OR sometimes guidance from someone (The CORPORATE BABA) which instilled the confidence in you to take up the risk and GO FOR IT. Was it the +POWER, that little extra PUSH? YES, my friend at the end of the day, you are capable, you can do what you believe you can do, but, you just need that little extra PUSH, which makes you to stretch your limits.

Mind is habitual of thinking anything if you let it lose; it’s all about practice to make it think what you wanted and bring POSITIVITY more than anything else. I GUARANTEE one can do what he BELIEVES he can, the only show stopper can be you yourself. It only requires a little push and will to GO FOR GOLD.

So, TRAIN your MIND to give you +POWER-that little extra PUSH and I will be happy and honoured to know if that made a difference in your life as well. That extra push can make you a LION from a CAT

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In the process of training my mind and wishing you great success,

Rohit Chopra

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