Being in to industry and being sucked in to corporate culture for last 15 years, it has become apparent to me that whether you are an atheist or a believer in God or Godmen, it won’t work here. What seems to work here is the Corporate Baba.

Now, let me define what “CORPORATE BABA” is. In my view, a “Corporate Baba is the one, who seem to know the future. He is more like a corporate astrologer, motivational speaker, strategist and what not in himself”

There are different kinds of Corporate Babas. I am trying to explain these kinds in simple words with my humble understanding.

Corporate Baba TYPE1: These are the men in lower or middle management normally.

They are most sought after by the juniors who have stepped in to the company afresh or are a part of bottom of pyramid, still exploring what is corporate culture and things work in corporate environment. They are almost unaware, almost unconcerned, undeterred, by the strategic direction of the company (unless, there is change in process which impacts them directly in 8.5 working hours a day).

They are like toddlers in learning phase. So, it becomes apparent that they will seek someone to give them good advice & swear by his words, about their performance, strengths, weakness, future career prospects, etc.

So, Corporate Baba TYPE1 is like a lighthouse for the young blood in the company.

Corporate Baba TYPE2: These are the men in middle or higher management (but still a part of delivery machinery, either your peer or your immediate senior).

A very interesting phase of anyone’s career is lower and middle management. It is now, when you realise , “Saala MBA kar leta to acha tha (Had I done MBA it would have been good)”. Why one feels this way is because, you get in to discussions here where a lot of buzz words from industry and management terminology would be used. You are connected, if you know these jargons. Else, one may feel alienated and would refrain from giving any opinion, suggestion or feedback.

This is a very important stage for developing career. If I have to draw an analogy, I will draw it with teenagers in corporate environment who are hitting corporate puberty. It is now when you have started understanding few things about the math of company. You know A of Finance, B of organisational culture, C of technical expertise in your field and you realise you still need to understand D to Z of corporate culture. This is the time when any strategic decision taken on top leaves you rattled. You are the business change managers who need to execute the strategy. You are accountable for strategy performance and at the same time you are accountable for individual and your team’s performance and motivation. It is like, a teenager struggling with his childhood habits while realising, what am I doing, I am an adult. This becomes even more difficult during the TRANSFORMATION times.

This TRANSFORMATION time is when you need someone to put you on right path, to guide you or at least to help you understand what is happening in the company and what these changes could lead to?

This person whom you turn to when you want to be sure about what’s happening around you is Corporate Baba TYPE2. This man will be like a scout for the new managers who are bothered by almost everything

Corporate Baba TYPE3: Well, this league is the league of leaders, who set directions for the delivery machinery. Normally, part of the executive leadership team. These are the men, whose words are taken as guideline, rule, decision, dictation by different people and way forward is understood accordingly. But, the good thing is, every word, meaning of every sentence, direct or indirect converges towards targets.

So, people in middle or upper management are the ones who do not need direct advice, but need indicators to guide them through to the targets. So, it’s more like a one to many broadcast system, where information goes to many but at the same time. No one 2 one enlightenment, but one 2 many.

This is the phase of life when one has become an adult and understands world around him and is capable of taking decisions which will matter. But, he is still guided by principles of life, in this case corporate life.

So, Corporate Baba TYPE3 is like a holy book which has all the transcripts to guide you to make the business impact

Now, that we saw different levels of Corporate Babas, does it end here? Well, I don’t think so. The next level is the SUPREME leader, The ULTIMATE BABA

The ULTIMATE BABA: He is the one, who scripts what happens at all the levels, how the corporate culture shapes up, how the individuals look at the top, how the company performs. His word is the last word, his decision is the last decision, his words are the rules. Yes, if you have guessed it, I am talking about the CEO/ CMD etc. of any corporate. Everyone below this man is affected by him, directly or indirectly. No exceptions here. So, TRUST is what plays a great role here. Mutual TRUST between the top man and everyone below. TRUST in leadership is strengthened by Leader’s actions, words. He never, will have time to chat with people one 2 one, but still would ensure, he is connected to you.

He is none other than The ULTIMATE BABA

So, whether in personal or corporate life, whether one follows someone directly or indirectly, whether one accepts his desire for good advice or guidance to future, we all have our own CORPORATE BABA in people around us and with us.

Is it good to have Corporate BABAs or not is what I leave you to decide (may be you consult your CORPORATE BABA)?

Caution: All views are personal, please take it personally and agree or disagree as you wish

A budding corporate BABA,

Rohit Chopra

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