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"A great coach is one who makes you realise your true potential to bring about personal change that transcends time“


We are a passionate team of professionals who believe strongly in the ability of personal mentoring, intentional mind coaching and selective training to address cognitive performance and behaviour bringing about enhanced positive change in net results for any individual or team of an organisation.


YMC delivers intense bespoke courses catering to the exacting needs of any organization.


With a vast , combined work experience of 50+ years in MNCs, YMC is a team you can trust.

Some of the key topics in our exhaustive list include -


We follow a 3 stage process to make our sessions effective:


1) Define - We determine the scope and objectives to determine the outcome.

2) Implement - We design and deliver content to the agreed goals.

3) Measure - We measure the outcome and success of the program. Provide feedback and follow-up on improvement.

Who I am & Why I do this


An individual, a part of the socio-economic scenario of India, a corporate employee, a tax payer. 

Being a part of industry, part of the corporate culture, absorbing and observing organisational behaviour, here I bring to you my experience in my words. Based out of Bengaluru, I do it as I love sharing my thoughts. I have been taught, "Sharing is Caring"

Rohit Chopra 
Individual, thought speaker, family man, traffic warden, blogger, traveller & a learner !

Who I am & Why I do this


A passionate motorcyclist, explorer, life analyst. Believer of in rewind mechanism of life, where one introspects, accepts the part, and moves on with present. Learning to Unlearn a few things, change a few habits, give up few things, let go of certain thoughts.

Venkatesh Aithal 
I love Food and Music, I am an Optimist, Dog lover, Adventure seeker and Motor Biking enthusiast

Who I am & Why I do this


An engineer by profession who is interested in sharing experiences for the collective good of  working brethren and sisters, learning from others as well at the same time!

A firm believer in Kahlil Gibran's quote : "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"

Vinay SN 
Thinker,Writer,Cook,Travel enthusiast,Techie,Dreamer,Wannabe Restaurer and above all an Indian!
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