"Each one of us is SPECIAL, with capability to bring the change within for good. We don't need our hand to be held to get out of tough times, rather we just need right direction to help our way out. At time of CRISIS, a normal human mind won't be able to think rationally, but if someone can connect to you, understand you with empathy, can help you understand the perspective with inwards approach and coach you to be a stronger, self aware & authentic oneself"

Rohit Chopra 
Certified Life Coach, Experiential learner & Blogger !
With a  work experience of 18+ years in MNCs in to various roles like operations. sales, line management etc., you can for sure trust the experience.
"A great coach is one who makes you realise your true potential to bring about personal change that transcends time“


A passionate professional who believes strongly in the ability of personal mentoring, intentional mind coaching and selective training to address cognitive performance and behavior bringing about enhanced positive change in net results for any individual or team of an organisation.


"YMC" can deliver intense bespoke courses catering to the exacting needs of any individual or organization.