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Involve& Evolve

"A great coach is one who makes you realise your true potential to bring about personal change that transcends time“ 
With a  work experience of 20+ years in multiple companies in to various roles like Operations, Strategy, Delivery Transformation, Pre-sales & Line management  there is an immense amount of experience which I love to share in simplest possible language by means of my blogs, book & sessions.  It's my passion to connect with people and learn from their experiences. I strongly believe in what Chanakya said "One life is too short to learn from your own mistakes, rather avoid mistakes by learning from others mistakes"
Rohit Chopra 
Coach, Learner, Youtuber, Blogger & Author ...

It is important to know your own potential and use it in right direction to achieve your personal & professional objectives. We strongly believe in 3"C" approach which acts as catalyst to make it happen. We help you with understanding the need of "CONVICTION", "COMMITMENT" & "COMPLETION" to succeed in any venture of life.

Shruti Chopra,

Manager, Cargill Foods


How does one feel when all of his /her daily struggles and dilemmas are resonated by someone else That's exactly how I feel when I read the blog on the same. As if someone's reading my mind and helping answer most of its dilemmas.”

Sushil Bhasin.png

Sushil Bhasin,

CEO-Bhasin International


"Your Mind Coach has an approach to transform people so that they enjoy the life.A 360 degree efforts by the team. Kudos"


Vishavpreet Singh,

GM @ WebTest, Auckland


“Great content!! Resemblance to your experience makes it more interesting and give you an opportunity to think it from a different angle. Loving It !!! ”

Rakesh Bawa.JPG

Rakesh Bawa,

Professor, Khalsa College Jalandhar

"Gone through a few of your writings and must say that these are quite helpful for gen next who is planning to enter corporate world. I enjoyed the text from a layman point of view. a good learning experience"

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